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ServiceHUB- Build Secure, Compliant, Audit Ready Apps


Build Secure, Compliant and Audit ready apps that comply with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC2, ISO 27001 and other regulations.

ServiceHUB platform, offers pre-built, reusable security conscious apis to build regulatory compliant applications. A Trusted Platform built on NIST’s Zero-Trust Architecture with security and compliance features you need to get certified.

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White label APIs

ServiceHUB offers pre-built, reusable security conscious APIs to build regulatory compliant applications. Our extensive APIs catalogue provides turnkey solutions for a wide range of use cases in the financial services and healthcare sectors. Highly configurable and can be customized to satisfy your unique business needs and allows you to save development costs.

Continuous Compliance

ServiceHUB AI powered platform maps out  the complex regulatory compliance requirements to your apis, data and network. It automates data classification for the security posture details and applies stringent zero trust security policies according to the applicable security regulations. Proactively secures your applications by providing real time attack protection with automated detection and response.

Access to quality team

Developing secure, regulatory compliant applications is the result of collaboration between GRC compliance experts, technology architects, security engineers, developers  and cybersecurity experts. Get the quality team of industry experts to develop audit-ready apps with continuous compliance and governance controls. Our experts support your compliance audit and certification process with well-documented controls, clear audit trails and evidence to get security compliance certified.

Zero Trust Segmentation

The U.S. government cybersecurity executive order mandates zero-trust security for the federal systems and regulated sectors. With ServiceHUB your apps are developed on Zero Trust Architecture to protect the distributed resources by using strong authentication methods, adaptive security policies and zero trust segmentation. ServiceHUB continuously monitors your systems in the cloud to ensure that they are secure to the highest standards. Avoid risk of an organizational level breach by minimizing blast radius and segment access.


The Low Code Microservices Platform

The ServiceHUB® platform provides regulatory compliant security conscious apis to build financial and healthcare applications. Built on NIST’s Zero trust principles, ServiceHUB® allows you to build secure HIPPA, PCI-DSS , SOC2 compliant, audit ready apps. Focus on building great innovative products without ever having to think about compliance. Provides real time attack protection with automated threat detection and response.

Why did we build ServiceHUB?

Prove Compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS and Pass Security Audits

Security must be able to respond to constantly changing threats and attacks. ServiceHUB enables you to adapt to continuously changing threats and vulnerabilities and comply with security regulations. Clearly show the evidence for variety of security regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC2 , GDPR, be compliant and audit-ready from day one.

Remove Software Delivery Risks

According to Gartner, 60% of software projects fail due to lack of qualified and competent software development teams. By using ServiceHUB prebuilt functionality and well tested apis, you don’t waste engineering time , create your product faster and minimise delivery risk.

Zero Trust Security & Compliance

Mandated by U.S. government cybersecurity policy , Zero Trust Architecture is the only approach for enterprises to secure themselves and radically reduce the number and magnitude of security breaches. ServiceHUB, built on Zero trust principles helps companies to automate and comply with security regulations, while increasing confidence in data privacy and protection.

How ServiceHUB Helps


We helped Missouri’s state government, USA with the digital transformation of its tax system..

Bering Labs successfully deployed its Tax collection and finance management system to Franklin county, Missouri. The new system replaces an old AS400 System, built in 1975 and collects $130 million in tax revenue. Product to be deployed in 10 more counties by 2024.

We are helping 6 State-Chartered Banks to replace their legacy system and build a Digital Banking Platform, accelerating their digital transformation strategy.

We helped Sunset Technologies, one of the largest HIPPA compliance and system integration companies in the United States, to create a healthcare and payment system that supports over 1000 mid-sized hospitals and clinics.

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