Bering Labs, like the Bering Strait, bridges gaps in technology, distance and communication between continents and drives transformative business outcomes across industries. We believe that business success cannot be achieved through technology alone, rather it begins by bridging the gaps between people and bringing together the right experts in a field to get to the heart of individual business objectives.

Bering Labs is a business extension of an IT consultancy firm specializing in IT Outsourcing Strategy, Architecture and Project Management. We have a proven track record of delivering successful IT Projects to large organizations in the United States and United Kingdom, including with multi-national companies such as HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, Washington Mutual, Bank of America and Meryl Lynch.

Our business leads have worked with several offshore development teams and vendors throughout their careers and have encountered  multiple, recurring issues with every offshore IT provider encountered. One of the motivations to open Bering Labs was to address these problems, which are mostly related to transparency, culture, language, communication and overall visibility of projects.  At Bering Labs, we created a management structure and an operational process designed to addresses these issues. In connection with each project we take on, we place a client partner, who is a local resident, that can understand the technical requirements of each project in addition to the culture, systems and processes at the client site.  This enables us to bridge the communication and technology gaps that exist with most offshore development teams. Our liaison will work closely with each customer’s team and stakeholders to capture not only a project’s technical requirements but also communicate the customer’s expectations, which often cannot be captured in requirement documentation and requires nuance and subtlety.

Bering Labs also bridges these problematic gaps by focusing on a streamlined processes for delivery, real-time status updates, issue reporting and on-time escalation to remediate client issues.  We make process and feedback options visible to the clients so that they are as involved as they would like to be and any issues that naturally arise throughout a project’s lifecycle are addressed quickly and efficiently.

The leadership team of Bering Labs, through decades of experience in the industry, recognizes that technology firms must be agile and managed effectively to provide clients with the best quality and satisfaction.  The offshore-onshore model, while cost effective must not come at the cost of quality of processes and resources. By focusing on our technological circle of expertise, we are developing an ecosystem of like-minded individuals and seeking clients who demand only the best. Bering Labs has and will continue to excel at creating valued partnerships with multi-national corporations, continually exceeding their expectations.

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