About Our Talent

Bering Labs resources bring hands-on experience of working with a very diverse set of commercial products, SAAS, e-commerce and e-business firms.

We are very focused on the quality of our employees and it took us months to hire quality resources . Bering Labs has 50+ resources and a database of over 200+ highly skilled resources. All of them have very strong experience in emerging technologies.

There are a number of measures Bering leadership has taken to ensure our client’s IP is protected. Besides taking extreme care in protecting our client’s IP, Bering labs also offers a number of innovations and its own IP to enable our clients accelerate the delivery of their products and solutions.

 Additional Highlights on our Talent Pool

  • 95% of our resources have hands-on technical skills in programming in one of the emerging technologies such as Web 2.0, SaaS, cloud, BI/DW, big data, open-source etc.
  • Our average experience level within Bering Labs is upwards of 5+ years – which is significantly higher than most large IT firms who tend higher younger less-experienced fresh talent.
  • 95% of our resources have engineering or computer science background and about 40% have post-graduate degrees.
  • 90% of our resources have prior experience working in an Agile methodology and at least half of them have strong exposure to TDD.
  • At least 50% of our resources have prior experience of working with a technology firm, the PDLC lifecycle and typical challenges of product organizations
  • We focus on hiring resources that have full-stack experience – i.e. front-end, back-end and middle-tier development experience
  • We have a comprehensive screening / selection process that emphasizes communication, problem solving and attitude (along with technology capability!)
  • We focus on hiring resources with strong software engineering skills, particularly with strong fundamentals in network programming, threading, OOAD, web/distributed architectures, cross-platform development, automation, scripting, etc

We have an attractive employee referral program. This enables us to hire from the network – improving the quality of our hires and limiting the potential of cultural mismatch.

Also, our management believes that are employees are as important as our clients. We know a happy employee will offer quality service to our customers. This philosophy drives our HR policies, management communication, issue resolution process, etc.

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