Cloud computing brings amazing business value by reducing infrastructure costs, access new markets and ability to create new revenue streams. However, the transition to the cloud possess its own challenges like addressing security issues, managing the change from software to services, rightsizing the investments, and managing operations cost efficiently.

Bering Labs leverages cloud computing practices and bring myriad benefits to your business, allowing you to maximize ROI and reduce the total cost of infrastructure ownership. We deliver enhanced business value for you by successfully harnessing various paradigms of cloud computing, including IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service).

Bering Labs can help both corporate IT organizations and product firms to leverage the power of public, private and hybrid cloud technologies provided by leading cloud technology providers such as Rackspace, Microsoft, EMC, NetApp and Amazon/AWS.


Cloud Assessment, Migration, and Deployment Services

  • Assessment and advising on the optimal cloud strategy and roadmap
    • PaaS and IaaS platform selection
    • Public, private, and hybrid option evaluation
    • Cost analysis
  • Adopting robust migration/development methodologies
    • Process oriented migration to cloud infrastructure
    • Cloud specific design, templates, and checklists to ensure system and data security in the cloud environment
    • Cloud provider agnostic and flexible approach towards migration to cloud infrastructure
  • Supporting the ISV in deployments and operations
    • Migrating to the cloud
    • Monitoring and deployment
    • Cloud-deployment service interface