Deep Industry Expertise

Bering Labs provide managed outsourcing through a ‘Management Layer’ which is carefully formed to eliminate communication and cultural issues. We place an onsite client partner, a domain expert and an offshore delivery manager on every project.

The management layer will successfully execute, manage and track your projects, and will report to you according to your reporting requirements through online reporting dashboard in real-time.

So how this management layer resolves outsourcing challenges, especially communication ?

Onsite Client Partners

We realize communication issues are not just a lack of language skills but also a lack of understanding of client’s culture, motivation and vision. We place a client partner onsite for each project. That client partner is a local resident with a strong industry background capable of absorbing the client’s culture, operating processes, challenges and business goals and who is able to nurture deep relationships with key stakeholders to eliminate communication issues.

Once the project kicks off, the client partner works closely with a dedicated delivery manager and business analyst to ensure that IT services are delivered with precision and customized to the client’s particular needs.

Domain Experts & Product Owner

Writing clear requirement documents is a big hurdle in software projects. Onsite teams spend hours in writing documentation only to find out that the remote team has 5 pages of questions next day, delaying the project each time.

We place an Expert domain expert on each project who will be responsible to develop and communicate project requirements. We use an Industry Standard ‘Requirement Analysis Framework’ which provides clear guidelines, tools and checklists for  complete requirements elicitation.

The client partner with business analyst act as the communications conduit, effectively translating the client’s IT requirements to our offshore delivery managers and developers, helping to coordinate service delivery back to the client

Offshore Delivery Management

We have used Power Distance Index analysis in forming our offshore delivery management team. Power distance is the strength of social hierarchy, or the imposed psychological distance between a boss and employee.

Our operational process and management structure is specifically designed to eliminate these cultural boundaries. We place local offshore Delivery Manager who have ample experience and his management style is appropriate with the team.

We provide training to all delivery managers on PDI aspects and our operational process challenges developers to find creative solutions, be vocal, and be direct about problems. Individuals are expected to take charge and make things happen on their own; they are rewarded for discovering problems, and even more so for discovering solutions.

Other Key Differentiators

Clear Requirements Guidelines

Requirement Analysis

When requirements are defined by people not trained in requirements elicitation and analysis, defects can be inadvertently introduced into an application early in the lifecycle.

In our operational process, only a expert Business Analyst is responsible to develop and convey requirements for each project.

We use an Industry Standard Requirement Analysis Framework which provides guidelines, tools and checklists for clear cut requirements elicitation. If required, instead of using long lists of “shall” statements, we visually model requirements for easy consumption by executive, business, and technical stakeholders.

Visual Online Platform

Real Time Visibility

Our Cloud platform provides real time visibility to clients. Clients can monitor and track the progress of their projects and the developers they hire. The progress is easily visualized and measured with project metrics, charts and projections that can be customized according to the client’s reporting needs.

Team’s Performance

Client can see all the live information of their projects. For example, their team’s progress, remaining and completed work, individual workload, critical and blocking issues and much more. Please see the ‘Project Dashboard’ section for more information.

Developers Quality & Time Zone Challenges

Developers Quality

All of our team members must have 5+ years of overall experience and 2+ years of hands on experience in each technology they are supporting. They must speak excellent English.

TIme Zone Challanges

Onsite Client Partners will be available for meetings during working hours according to the client’s time zone.

Delivery Manager, Project Leaders will be available for meetings  3 to 4 hours per day, during the client’s time zone.

Intellectual Property

Protecting Client IP

Being in the technology industry, we realize how important Intellectual Property is to our clients.

We are a US headquartered Chicago-based ‘C corporation. That means, our contracts have US jurisdiction. There are a number of measures Bering Labs’s leadership has taken to ensure our client’s intellectual property is protected. See our intellectual property section for more details.


Management Layer