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Critical Issues

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This report lists all the major issues your project faces. It shows specifics of issues as well i.e. what exactly the issue is, date and time of issue reported, priority or severity of the issue, person who currently owns and driving it, time and date for when the issue will be resolved and What is currently being […]

Project’s Progress – Realtime

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To understand the true status of a project’s progress at a point in time, we must compare actual progress, against what was planned, in monetary terms. This report shows two aspects of actual progress, first, the actual dollars spent, and second, the earned value. This shows our clients what has been accomplished so far on the project […]

Developer’s Performance

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Clients can monitor and track the progress of the team and developers they hire. The progress is easily visualized and measured with the charts, projections, user workloads. Client can see their team’s progress, Remaining and completed work, individual workload and Critical and Blocking Issues of developers.

Completed and Remaining Work

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Clients can see how many tasks have been completed and how many are in progress. The % complete you expected to be at today and The % complete we are actually at. The number of days behind or ahead against the plan.

Overall Project’s Health

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This chart shows the overall health of a project. Clients can detect in a snapshot whether project is in trouble or not. It shows which milestones are complete, which ones are in progress, and which ones are coming up next. It has brief details about each issue, so clients can make a decision about whether […]