There comes a point when “out of the box” software no longer meets the needs of the changing market and it’s time to start a new chapter of your business and develop new, customized software. Bering Labs provides you the most outstanding project development tailored to your business requirements, processes and expectations—whether you are a startups, early stage or matured company.

Our application development services include:

  • Custom Application Development
  • Maintenance & Sustaining Engineering
  • Re-engineering & Porting

Commercial product development is different from internal IT system development. Companies worry about product roadmapping, cross-platform development and testing,  sophisticated versioning and release engineering needs and finally continuous innovation and IP protection needs. We cover all these aspects and offer services to companies at different stages of growth (startups, early stage, mid-stage, etc) to different business models (SaaS, licensed software, open-source, etc). Our team has experience in a number of supporting processes/tools – build automation, version control, continuous integration, DevOps automation, etc.

Application Development Skills

Programming Languages Java, J2EE, C# (.NET), Python, Ruby, LAMP
Core Java Java Server Faces (JSF) / Java Server Pages (JSP) / Servlets, Open
Database Connectivity (ODBC), Java Transaction Service and API (JTS,
JTA), Java Message Service (JMS), Java Mail, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB),
Swing, Applets, Java concurrency and multi-threading, lambdas, stream api etc
ORM Frameworks Hibernate , TopLink, iBatis, Java Persistence API (JPA)
Web Application Development Frameworks Struts , Spring , Tapestry, Wicket, Apache MyFaces, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), JBoss Seam, Oracle ADF
Web services technologies XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI
Application Servers Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Application
Server and Oracle Sun Servers (Glassfish)
Application IDE Tools Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Netbeans
Testing Tools Junit, Mock Frameworks, FindBugs, PMD, EMMA
Continuous IntegrationTools  Cruise control, Jenkins

Execution Services

Our execution services include:
  • Product Roadmap Development
  • Re-engineering Strategy Development (UI, Data Model, Platform, Toolkit, etc)
  • New Application Development on contemporary platforms such as RIA, RDBMS, NoSQL
  • Migration of existing apps to a contemporary platforms
  • Independent QA/Testing
  • Maintenance and Support of existing / legacy products
  • Reverse-engineering of large code bases/applications
  • Setup of IDC (Integrated development center) in our India center