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Services to Matured Technology Firms

Matured firms need flexible engagement models, strong execution/construction capability, ability to offer “un-bundled” services and ability ramp-up and ramp-down on a need-basis. They generally have a number of working products and matured technology stack but need help in maintaining/supporting existing products, re-engineering existing products or making significant architectural changes such as UI/UX re-design, cloud/SaaS migration, etc. Below are our services to the matured product firms.

Product Maintenance/Support

Bering Labs can provide any combination of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 support. A metrics-based Support/Maintenance focuses on knowledge management, SLA compliance and continuous process improvement. Such projects are executed as below:

  1. Perform a detailed Assessment and develop a Support Transition plan
  2. Gather existing and target process metrics/SLAs
  3. Define a detailed Maintenance/Support process
  4. Setup DEV/QA/STAGE environments
  5. Setup Application Lifecycle tools/process – version control, incident tracking, build automation, release engineering, etc.
  6. Develop knowledge repository, induction guides, SOPs, etc
  7. Setup support team
  8. Provide application support per defined process
  9. Distributed process/support metrics

Product Re-engineering

Matured firms are faced with the challenge of “re-engineering” successful products to newer platforms, newer markets, newer deployment models and contemporary technologies. Some examples of re-engineering projects are – migration from mainframe to Web, on-premise to on-demand, in-house to cloud-based, client-server to Web, native HTML5 to Node.js, etc. Such projects are executed as below:

  1. Assess the current and target architecture or functionality
  2. Develop a detailed Conversion Approach
  3. Developed detailed Requirements Document, UI mock-ups, etc
  4. Reverse-engineering existing code-base into UML models
  5. Develop a Reference Architecture in the target platform
  6. Develop an iterative Sprint Plan
  7. (Re) develop various modules as per the Sprint plan
  8. Develop a Release schedule (generally phase-wise)
  9. Develop data conversion scripts, data synchronization programs

Product Renovation

Successful products generally need one or more particular aspects of their products improved. Such improvements could be in the form of functionality or architecture. Some examples include – adding enhanced front-end, changing modules impacting performance, etc. Such renovation projects are executed as below:

  1. Based on the nature of the change, develop a detailed Renovation Approach
  2. Document all the modules and code items to be changed in the form of Change Specification
  3. Develop a POC for the new change (if needed)
  4. Develop an iterative Sprint Plan, write User Stories
  5. Implement the changes per the Sprint plan
  6. Develop a Release schedule (generally phase-wise)
  7. Develop data conversion scripts, data synchronization programs

Independent QA/Testing

Matured product firms want to increase their product quality and the QA process. This can best be done by having a partner organization perform Independent QA/Testing. Such projects are executed as below:

  1. Understand the current QA process, QA deliverables, tools, release schedule
  2. Develop a detailed QA/Testing Transition Plan
  3. Develop any missing Test Plans, Test Scenarios and Test Cases
  4. Implement/configure required QA/Testing tools – test management tools, issue tracking workflows, etc
  5. Develop Test Data Generation scripts (if needed)
  6. Implement knowledge management tool, induction guide and QA metrics
  7. Assign teams/resources, on-board them into the product/process/platform and other aspects
  8. Execute QA/Testing as per the QA Test Plan
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