Refreshingly Different 

Bering Labs setup collaborative delivery teams for businesses and manage their projects by a robust operational process. It gives high attention to communications, transparency, team management, and the cultural aspects of software engineering. We believe software engineering is far more than just coding, and these extra components are what make the difference between the success and failure of a project. Bering Labs offers its own talent pool of 50+ highly skilled resources and its database of 200+ resources.

The Right Operational Process

Every project and its resources will be managed by a ‘Management Layer’ consists of an experienced onsite client partner, a business analyst and an offshore delivery manager. They, collectively, will resolve the communication, cultural and language issues and manage the day-to-day activities of the project and developers.

We standardise project delivery teams on a single system which includes project management, a workflow to manage complete project life cycle, and communications facilities. This system will be used to manage the entire project from planning to its release which gives real-time information to our clients on their projects, teams and portfolios. Our clients get unparalleled visibility and the system also provides a centralized environment where all the stakeholders – executives, managers, product owners, developers, and testers – can easily work together regardless of location.

The Right Transparency

Our operations will be completely visible to clients. Clients will get complete transparency and visibility of their projects via a web-based dashboard which they can use any time to get real-time information on project progress. Clients can see their project’s progress, remaining and completed work, critical issues, developer’s performance and overall project’s health. Clients can also see how the management layer is managing their projects and can intervene.

The Right Accountability

We aim to provide fully managed outsourcing by giving complete accountability and oversight to clients. Our operational framework is build on a mature governance model to resolve outsourcing challenges. This is developed upon the philosophy of “co-development”, “virtual teams” and “white-box” execution which brings transparency and control.

An example of our governance model, project teams are required to update the status of their work, any blocking issues (that needs attention), every few hours or by the end of the day or according to the client’s needs. The project dashboard keep task list, issues ,milestones and team chat sessions in one place so that clients can review at any time and have complete understanding of ‘what’s going on’ in the project.