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Every business has unique set of problems, but the best solutions are developed around the established best practices. Our proprietary platform codifies all these best practices into various toolsets that help you to release faster and provide a tailored digital experience to your customers. Adapt the pace of business change.
We are a great fan of automation. We have codified a great deal of our two decades of technology experience and have established a platform to automate the software development . Our platform, built on robotic process automation, can drive innovation, decreases software development cost for you, and significantly raise your ROI.
We believe in an ongoing partnership and tie our success to business outcomes rather than task fulfilment. We actively engage with your team at every step of the way to leverage their business expertise and share our technology toolsets to deliver a robust solution and completely revolutionize the digital journey for your customer.

Platform – The Digital Hub

Get your applications to market faster.

Our Platform automates the complex software development & tasks that previously required a ton of work.

Get your applications to market faster with a fully managed Digital Hub and its packages. Leave the daily maintenance, security, and operations of your application to us and spend more time growing and running your business.

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Introducing Tech Financing

We finance your product

Our tech financing model is the first of its kind in the technology space. We develop your product in 10-30 % of development costs.



Our deep expertise in technology can help you leverage the best skills and solutions helping you to compete and offer the best product. We enable you to focus on growing the business.

Cost Savings

Our innovative process and tooling can help you get off the ground quickly, saving the precious dollars. Revolutionize your business on digitally native platform that’s suitable for every type of business.

Risk Reduction

We put our money where our mouth is. We get paid only AFTER you receive the service/product. Starkly different from traditional software companies, where risk is all yours & you pay upfront.

Minimal Upfront Costs

The Digital Hub requires minimal upfront costs. Development costs are due immediately in traditional software development, and the revenue streams from a technology product/service happens over time.


Legacy System Modernization

Don’t let the legacy applications hold you back. Our proprietary tools help to extract the value from the legacy system or package it for digital transformation. We migrate your legacy data to give you actionable insights and leverage modern analytical capabilities.

Cloud Native Development

Get rid of the hardware, networking and maintenance by moving to the cloud. We help you reduce infrastructure costs without compromising on security and get the maximum value for your money. Weather its choosing the right cloud vendor, environment or tracking expense metrics.

Web & Mobile Development

We understand the importance of MVP and experimenting in a rapidly evolving market. Our user package speeds up the time to market and our team of designers & developers can help tailor the unique customer journey across several channels.

API Development & Integration

We understand the value proposition of API in the growth of a business and build robust and secure APIs for any industry to meet your specific requirements. Build an API-first business and connect people, places, systems, data and algorithms to create new experiences, products, services


Digital transformation of Missouri county Tax Collection System and its data.

Bering Labs successfully deployed its Tax collection and finance management system to Franklin county, Missouri. The new system replaces an old AS400 System, built in 1975 and collects $130 million in tax revenue. Product to be deployed in 10 more counties by 2021.

A consortium of 6 state-chartered banks, partners with Bering Labs to accelerates their digital transformation strategy and develop a Digital Banking Platform.

Bering Labs partnered with Sunset technologies, one of the biggest HIPPA compliance and system integration company in USA, to develop a healthcare and payments system and support over 1000 Mid-size hospitals and practices.

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