Software development for highly regulated sectors.

We build amazing apps with
Digital ServicesHUB technology.


Digital ServicesHUB is a comprehensive low code ecosystem that includes pre-built, reusable digital services, business functions & capabilities to build apps and comply with PCI, HIPAA, FDIC, NIST and other Regulations. Built on Zero Trust Security- NIST 800-207 Standards from grounds up.

Are you a start-up trying to disrupt a heavily regulated sector?

We can help

Deep compliance expertise

Our deep expertise in the technology and business sectors combined with years of experience in working with fortune companies helped us to create Digital ServicesHUB platform. By reusing its services, we create apps that are compliant, cost effective, secure and delivers the quality that your customers expect.

Access to quality team

Hiring is a journey and getting quality people onboard takes time, experience and relationships. Startups has an additional challenge of offering attractive compensation and stability that most talent demands. This often results in compromising on talent and quality of the product. With us you get access to years of experience and a cohesive team that makes right decisions from day one.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Most businesses compete on a core offering but still need other business services to offer a finished product. You may be disrupting a healthcare vertical but still need payments, security and compliance. Most of out of the box solutions in the market doesn’t fit the custom needs of the client. By using low code digital services hub framework, you get the best of both worlds by getting quality at a competitive price.

No delivery risk

According to Gartner, 60% of software projects fail because traditional software development requires hiring competent team to evaluate requirements, strategize architecture, project management, development, infrastructure, and deployment. By using our low-code digital services framework, you can create your product faster. These services from service hub are reusable, prebuilt and well tested, that can minimize the delivery risk. Starkly different from traditional software companies.

Digital ServicesHUB

The Low Code Microservices Platform

Low-code platforms provide out-of-the-box functionality, which eliminates the need to build core modules for apps from scratch. The Digital Services Hub is a Microservices technology platform and a library of existing markets specific Business and Technical components. These prebuilt, fully tested micro-services components are used to build applications, similar to Lego bricks, reducing development time and costs by up to 50%.

Why did we build Traceable?

We believe

  • The threats are inside the application and security needs to be from the inside out
  • Change and attacks are now continuous so security must be able to adapt to continuously changing threats and vulnerabilities
  • Security is not simply a department or a job title – it’s a team effort (Architects, Engineering and Developers, Operations, and information security.)

See the difference

Example of a recent healthcare mobile app development

Our recent client wanted to develop a healthcare mobile app. By developing his app
with Digital ServicesHUB he reduced work effort and development cost by almost
50%, and launched his app within months.


Example of a recent healthcare mobile app development

Our recent client wanted to develop a healthcare mobile app. By developing his app
with Digital ServicesHUB he reduced work effort and development cost by almost
50%, and launched his app within months.



Legacy System Modernization

Don’t let the legacy applications hold you back. Our proprietary tools help to extract the value from the legacy system or package it for digital transformation. We migrate your legacy data to give you actionable insights and leverage modern analytical capabilities.

Cloud Native Development

Get rid of the hardware, networking and maintenance by moving to the cloud. We help you reduce infrastructure costs without compromising on security and get the maximum value for your money. Weather its choosing the right cloud vendor, environment or tracking expense metrics.

Web & Mobile Development

We understand the importance of MVP and experimenting in a rapidly evolving market. Our user package speeds up the time to market and our team of designers & developers can help tailor the unique customer journey across several channels.

API Development & Integration

We understand the value proposition of API in the growth of a business and build robust and secure APIs for any industry to meet your specific requirements. Build an API-first business and connect people, places, systems, data and algorithms to create new experiences, products, services


We helped Missouri’s state government, USA with the digital transformation of its tax system..

Bering Labs successfully deployed its Tax collection and finance management system to Franklin county, Missouri. The new system replaces an old AS400 System, built in 1975 and collects $130 million in tax revenue. Product to be deployed in 10 more counties by 2024.

We are helping 6 State-Chartered Banks to replace their legacy system and build a Digital Banking Platform, accelerating their digital transformation strategy.

We helped Sunset Technologies, one of the largest HIPPA compliance and system integration companies in the United States, to create a healthcare and payment system that supports over 1000 mid-sized hospitals and clinics.

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