We build amazing apps with ServiceHUB technology

ServiceHUB is a comprehensive low code ecosystem of pre-built, reusable digital services, business processes & capabilities to easily build and deploy apps and software products.


The Low Code Microservices Platform

Dedicated Technology Architects

Tell us what you need, our technology architect will address all the design and technical challenges, identify potential risks, and build a solid foundation for your product based on budget and timeline.

Prebuilt Functionality

ServiceHUB includes a library of market-specific business functions and capabilities. We will design the user journeys, select services and business capabilities from service hub, and build your apps with all the plug-and-play integrations.

Microservices Architecture

Your app or product will be built on solid microservices architecture, similar architecture is used by amazon, Netflix, it allowed them to scale services depending on traffic and current business needs.

Save Time & Costs

Applications are built with pre-built micro-services which reduces the development time and costs by up to 50%. We build high-quality apps for our clients that are performant, versatile, scalable, robust, and secure.

See the Difference

Example of a recent healthcare mobile app development

Our recent client wanted to develop a healthcare mobile app

Result – ServiceHUB reduced work effort and development cost by almost 50%.

Industry Wise Solutions





Food Delivery

Real Estate



Social Networking





Make your customers digital banking and investing experience smooth without irritation like banking long queue lines.


  • Easy Money Transfer
  • Easy Investment & Guides
  • Manage Daily Expences And Offers


Your customers not only want great products but also highly personalised shopping experience. we will help you optimise efficiency across the value chain by making your business more responsive.


  • Manage Inventory
  • Sales Analytics
  • POS Solution


let’s take healthcare to the next level by using effective technologies, Drive-in more patients’ engagement with customer-centric apps with indomitable features to simplify their lives and become their health instructor.


  • Online Appointment
  • Track Daily Routine
  • Order Medicines Online


All fitness freaks want a great instructor who can guide them better and track their daily activities. let’s make fitness enthusiast’s experience more energetic by taking your business online.


  • Online Training Sessions
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Smart Watch App

Food Delivery

Drive your potential customers into a comfort zone where ordering online food becomes a cakewalk with complete digital synced solutions in food delivery.


  • Order Tracking
  • In-App Payments
  • Realtime Tracking

Real Estate

When it comes to give convenient services to your customers to sell, buy or rent properties, with Real Estate App Development Solutions, you can accomplish all purposes to amplify your business in a contemporary way.


  • Easy Properties Listing
  • Overview Statistics
  • Advanced Search Criteria


Give your customers the best experience at their finger touch to make their travel experience more memorable. Customers like to use apps in which they can do everything from starting to the ending point.


  • Online Ticket / Hotel Booking
  • Tour Guide
  • Currency Converter


Give your user a great experience to watch matches and get each minute updates from anywhere and seems like they are in the stadiums without buying costly tickets and waiting in the long traffics.


  • Online Tickets
  • Live Stream & Score Updates
  • Sports News & Fun Games

Social Networking

Social media app helps you to expand your business network, enhance brand loyalty and credibility, boost conversion rate and revenue as well as improve customer service and satisfaction.


  • Messaging, Calling App
  • Communities App
  • Job Posting App


Using enterprise mobility solutions, businesses have tremendous opportunities to modernize their operations to defeat challenges, boost productivity, enrich customer services and earn more revenue.


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Employee Management
  • HR Portals


After the covid pandemic, we all can see the raise in the online education platform. parents nowadays, allow even their children to use smart devices to download an educational-based app to enhance their learning habits.


  • Live Classes
  • E-Library for Managing Notes & Tutorials
  • Online Examination


We all know how much entertainment important in our life or in the weekend to burn out our stress, let’s give your user the best experience to take their stress out and give them a fresh mind to continue their daily routine again.


  • Booking Tickets
  • Online Entertainment
  • Gaming

Customer Experience


API Framework


Security and Identity
Management Package


Legacy Interface


Cloud Deployment

Customer Experience Package

Assemble a great customer experience journey in no time with our Customer experience package (CEP) . CEP offers a wide array of themes, widgets and workflows to customize from.

A built-in plumbing to tie in security, access and API based communication, helps faster turnaround time. CEP offers adding new channels & screens for the evolving customer journey in painless way.

Revolutionize the digital journey, design unique digital user experiences according to your brand that work flawlessly across all digital channels like web, mobile and other devices.

Security and Identity Management Package

Worried whether your organization is protected from latest threats? Any gaping security holes in the application? Our SIMP covers all aspects of security weather its identity access, application or network.

Security is embedded in the entire software development lifecycle and a dashboard to control the access, network from a single place.

The SIMP can dynamically re-allocate resources for filtering, traffic shaping, authentication, encryption, etc. for defensive measures has obvious advantages for resilience.

API Framework Package

API Framework Package (AFP) offers ready to go business capabilities like customer onboarding, payments, marketing, user identity & access management and many more to fast track your project development.

AFP helps you focus on the Business APIs and has built in support for security, documentation, testing and auditing needs so you don’t have to build from scratch.

PCI, HIPPA level security is embedded in the entire software development lifecycle. Using AFP helps in faster product development and enforce best practices for future needs.

AFP is Cloud ready and is designed to offer high scalability.

Legacy Interface Package

Our LIP offers various connectors to connect with your legacy systems to get you up and running fast. Weather its needing more fine-grained control over your mainframe dataset or orchestrating workflow involving heterogenous systems, we have connectors to start the ball rolling.

Complement legacy with digital capabilities and bring your legacy to life that will future-proof your business. With Digital-Driven Integration, we easily leverage your legacy assets for any digital service.

With Digital Hub, you leverage your legacy assets for exciting, new digital innovations and choose to deploy them as microservices or serverless functions. connects directly with even the most complex legacy systems, mainframes, databases and empowers your business to evolve beyond legacy, and to succeed no matter what the future holds

Cloud Deployment Package

Our CDP creates all the artifacts that you need to deploy in the cloud and embraces best practices of CI/CD. A pluggable test automation interface allows you to verify the deployment. Need more automate your infrastructure provisioning. Our DevOps experts can help you develop Infrastructure as code to scan, vet and repair any misconfigurations.

Start leveraging the cloud to lower your operational costs and to release new, innovative products faster than ever. Leverage native cloud technology at scale.

The Digital Hub is supported by an ecosystem of technology and infrastructure providers that give you the benefit of service provision across many countries with a single partner and complete consistency in service delivery and operations.


No Delivery Risk

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Why Reinvent the wheel

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Faster Development

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No Need to build a team

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Solutions for Startups & Enterprises

We address all design and technical challenges, identify any risk areas, and create a sound foundation for your product based on budget, timeline, and technology. We deliver your product blueprint, complete with the app’s architecture.


Web & Mobile App Development

Whether your app needs to be built using Ruby on Rails, Kotlin, Swift, or some other programming language, we hit sprint deadlines on time and according to your technical requirements. We focus on building scalable apps that facilitate incremental improvements to your product.


Legacy System Modernization

Don’t let the legacy applications hold you back. Our proprietary tools help to extract the value from the legacy system or package it for digital transformation. We migrate your legacy data to give you actionable insights and leverage modern analytical capabilities.


Digital transformation of Missouri county Tax Collection System and its data.

Bering Labs successfully deployed its Tax collection and finance management system to Franklin county, Missouri. The new system replaces an old AS400 System, built in 1975 and collects $130 million in tax revenue. Product to be deployed in 10 more counties by 2021.

A consortium of 6 state-chartered banks, partners with Bering Labs to accelerates their digital transformation strategy and develop a Digital Banking Platform.

Bering Labs partnered with Sunset technologies, one of the biggest HIPPA compliance and system integration company in USA, to develop a healthcare and payments system and support over 1000 Mid-size hospitals and practices.

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