A New Era of Security

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Our process for creating digital products
is agile, flexible and tailored to your needs.

Divi is For Everyone

We have developed and honed the capability to run all project practices, such as Project Retrospective, Lightning Decision Jam or even a complete Design Sprint, in full remote mode. We are skilled in using online tools including Miro or Parabol, which support us in effectively conducting such events in geographically distributed teams.
We developed our culture at 10Clouds with a remote-first approach in mind. Our team members naturally and effectively communicate and collaborate in projects using tools such as Slack, Google Meet, Zoom, Jira and Confluence. We are also able to recruit top talent from all parts of the country and build high performing project teams.

The development
process in five steps

Here’s what it’s like to develop a project with us.
The process is agile, flexible and always tailored to your needs.